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Ditch the Profile

A truly offline dating experience.

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We Take a Classic Approach to Dating.

No Pictures. No Paragraphs. No Profiles.

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Step away from the computer

And meet dates the old fashioned way


Here at Ditch the Profile, we offer a completely offline approach to online dating. We adhere to a strict no profiles, no pictures, no paragraphs philosophy. Unlike your typical dating sites, we skip the profile scene entirely and bring singles together at fun and casual in-person events.

Here Are A Few Examples:

Dinner Mingle

Feeling bored one Friday night? Spend it mingling with other singles over drinks and dinner!

Wine Tours

We think wineries are a great place to sample new wine—and meet other singles!

Speed Dating

You give us seven minutes. We give you several dates—all in one night! You jot down the names of the dates you like and we'll do the rest. In 24-48 hours we will let you know if there’s a match!

Dancing Date

We rent out a dance venue. While our DJ is busy spinning the tunes, men and women will take turns dancing with the partner of their choice. If sparks fly, let us know! We will inform you of any matches within 24-48 hours.

Game Night

Not doing anything Saturday evening? Why not come out to one of our game night events and meet other singles over a game of pool, bowling, and laser tag!

Trivia Night

Do you have an eye for trivia? Are you good at solving real world riddles? Even if you aren't, trivia night is a great way to mingle with other likeminded singles!


Step 2. Purchase a Ticket

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Step 3. Ditch the profile!

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Step 4. Let us know who you like.

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Step 5. We email your matches!

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Step 1. Find an Event

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We're always adding new events! Check out what we've got planned in your area below: